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Answering Your Questions About Construction Injuries

At Rosenberg, Eisenberg & Associates, LLC, it is our goal to see that you are well-informed of your options following a construction accident or injury so that you can make the best choices about how to proceed.

Below are some common questions our attorneys hear from clients. If you have additional questions or need a more complete answer, call our offices at 847-640-1676.

Can I Sue My Employer If I Am Hurt On A Construction Site?

The point of the workers’ compensation system in Illinois is to avoid lawsuits between workers and their employers. Instead, your workplace injury makes you eligible to receive benefits without having to sue your employer. However, our lawyers will thoroughly investigate your accident to see if there is potential for a third-party case.

What Is A Third-Party Case?

A third party can be anyone not affected by workers’ compensation laws such as a subcontractor, property owner or manufacturer of job site equipment. If the negligence of any of these parties contributed to your accident, you may have cause for a civil suit. A lawsuit may allow claims for pain and suffering, which workers’ compensation does not provide.

What If The Accident Was My Own Fault?

You may still be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits if you were responsible for the construction accident that caused your injuries, with some exceptions such as working while intoxicated. However, in a third-party lawsuit, your contribution to your accident may reduce the amount of damages you can receive. Having an aggressive lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

What Benefits Will Workers’ Compensation Provide?

In addition to covering your medical bills related to your injuries, workers’ compensation will pay your lost wages and temporary or permanent disability benefits. For those whose loved ones die in construction accidents, workers’ compensation pays a death benefit. You will want a diligent advocate to fight for the full amount you need for your well-being and the good of your family.

Why Do I Need An Attorney If I Am Not Going To Sue Someone For My Injury?

The workers’ compensation system is complex, and you may meet with resistance from the insurance company or your employer. Additionally, you will want to explore every opportunity to obtain the damages you need, whether through a successful workers’ comp claim, an appropriate settlement offer or a third-party lawsuit.

How Can We Help You?

It is our goal to help you through any legal challenges during the difficult time following a construction accident. Call us at 847-640-1676 or use our online form for a free initial consultation. We are proud of the services our attorneys have provided for construction workers in Arlington Heights and other Chicago suburbs for more than 60 years combined. Interpreting services are available.