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Bad weather equals increase in car accidents

The mid-December cold spell has resulted in Illinois drivers having to battle icy roads and hazardous driving conditions. The icy rain has caused very hazardous driving conditions, resulting in numerous car accidents leading to injuries and possibly fatalities. While the state's Department of Transportation was doing all in its power to make the roads safer, a spokesperson for the department advised people not to travel if they do not have to do so.

Rules governing pedestrian vs. car accidents on highways

Generally, pedestrians here in Illinois and elsewhere are prohibited from walking along major interstate highways. This is due to the danger posed by the higher speed limits on interstates and the presence of large vehicles such as tractor-trailers. However, there are times when an individual has no other choice but to be on the side of a highway outside of a vehicle. Regardless of the reason, pedestrians on the roadways increase their risk of being seriously injured or killed in car accidents.  

Illinois DUI car accidents are not just about alcohol

When people hear the term "driving under the influence," the most common thing that comes to mind is driving after drinking alcohol. However, with the dramatic rise in prescription painkiller and heroin usage that is plaguing the country, drivers who are under the influence in many car accidents today have not even consumed a sip of alcohol. After a recent wreck, an Illinois man has been charged with driving under the influence of heroin.

Illinois suspects in hit-and-run car accidents usually caught

Many drivers who hit another vehicle and decide to flee instead of face the consequences rarely escape justice in Illinois. This is especially true if car accidents occur on the highway, where cameras, witnesses and heavy police surveillance are present. It is not often that the perpetrator escapes the long arm of the law. A recent article describes the result of such a crash.

Proving liability in car accidents

Motor vehicle accidents often result in significant expenses. These can include the money needed to repair or replace a vehicle, medical bills and other long-term health care costs and increased insurance premiums if a driver is found at fault. Illinois residents who have been involved in car accidents and do not believe they are at fault may be interested in some of the ways to determine and prove accident liability.

DUI car accidents involving illegal drugs continue to kill

The overprescribing of opiates in the past decade has led to what many call a medical epidemic in the United States. Because of recent crackdowns on pharmacies and "pill mills," many who are addicted to opiates turn to heroin in order to satisfy their addictions. Many recent Illinois car accidents demonstrate the devastating consequences of addicts driving while high on heroin and other illegal narcotics.

Tips to follow in the event of car accidents

While most significant and costly injuries occur after major car wrecks, even seemingly minor crashes can cause delayed issues for the parties involved. For example, even a minor hit on the head can cause a small but serious concussion and potentially result in significant trauma and even death in some cases. It is important for those in Illinois involved in even minor car accidents to follow some simple guidelines that can ensure they are protected and can seek damages if their injuries become significant.

Rollover car accidents can often result in deadly consequences

When driving under the influence and at fast speeds on the highway, drivers often are not able to adequately adjust speed when making lane changes or exiting the roadway. When a sudden shift occurs, drivers are prone to over-correct their driving, which can make rollover car accidents likely at high speeds. Recently, a man from Texas caused a rollover crash on an Illinois highway, which resulted in the death of his passenger.

DUI car accidents continue to claim Illinois lives

Accidents that occur due to alcohol seem to be a tragic inevitability throughout the United States. In Illinois, arrests of drivers for drunk driving car accidents are plentiful, but there are some wrecks that continue to prove that having one too many alcoholic beverages before getting behind the wheel is not an innocent crime. Recently, a Springfield man killed the passenger riding in his vehicle when he left the road and drove straight into a tree.

Distracted driving continues to cause fatal car accidents

Throughout the country, the instances of wrecks caused by distracted driving seem to be escalating. Car accidents that are caused by distracted driving prove hard to prosecute, so many offenders in Illinois and other states are not held accountable. In a recent article, a teen ran through a red light, hitting the side of a car and fatally wounding a woman and her daughter.

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