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By Your Side When A Trucking Company Acts Irresponsibly

The tractor-trailers and semitrucks you encounter on the highways do not exist in a vacuum. They are all coming from somewhere and heading to a destination. In most cases, they ultimately return to the trucking company that owns them. Like any business, a trucking company is out to make money, and that may mean finding ways to keep costs low and productivity high. When these goals interfere with your safety, it is called negligence.

The lawyers at Rosenberg, Eisenberg & Associates, LLC, have spent more than 60 combined years serving the citizens of Arlington Heights and other Chicago suburbs who are victims of trucking company negligence resulting in horrific truck accidents.

We are eager to assist you, too, when you call us at 847-640-1676 to consult with one of our attorneys.

Common Acts Of Negligence

While most truck accidents are the result of the driver’s recklessness or disregard for safety, the underlying cause may stem from one of these or other negligent actions on the part of the trucking company:

  • Failing to maintain their trucks, including installing critical safety equipment such as underride barriers
  • Instituting poor driver hiring and training practices such as neglecting to do background checks or screen for alcohol use
  • Overworking drivers in violation of federal law, including forcing them to drive without sleep or to meet unrealistic deadlines
  • Allowing trucks to be overloaded or improperly loaded, including failing to inspect that cargo is balanced and adequately secured

If the trucking company that owned the vehicle responsible for your accident acted in any of these ways, we will work to hold the appropriate parties liable for the losses you suffered. Our law firm understands that such companies will likely gather their insurance adjusters and attorneys around them, but our commitment to being proactive and diligent has earned us a reputation for obtaining results uncommon for a law firm our size.

Let Our Team Fight For You

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a truck accident, call us at 847-640-1676 or use our online form to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. We are ready to take on the challenge of fighting the trucking company to obtain the compensation you deserve. Our offices are conveniently located in Arlington Heights and Stockton. Interpreting services are available.