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Nursing Home Deaths Archives

Nursing home deaths: mother dies due to nurse's error

The seemingly unnecessary death of a 52-year-old Illinois mother while in a nursing home once again places the focus on the standard of care patients are entitled to receive from care facilities.  When nursing home deaths occur due to the negligence of staff members, families may have the option for legal recourse. Fortunately, many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means financial constraints should not deter a family from exercising their right to sue in civil court.

Nursing home deaths: Award made by jury a victory

Illinois nursing homes owe a certain standard of care to the people entrusted to them. When this standard of care is not met, the consequences are often tragic and may even result in death. A recent jury award in a civil lawsuit once again places the limelight on nursing home deaths and neglect.   

Nursing home deaths -- 1 case leads to wrongful death claim

An Illinois court must decide the merits of a wrongful death claim filed by the executor of the estate of a deceased elderly gentleman after he apparently fell and suffered serious injuries, resulting in his death. Sadly, nursing home deaths occur across the United States as a result of insufficient and negligent care. Many of these cases, however, never end up in court, perhaps because the surviving families mistakenly believe the costs of litigation will be prohibitive.

Nursing home deaths, abuse and neglect under the limelight

An Illinois nursing home has been sued by two social workers, both ex-employees, who are alleging that they lost their jobs because they refused to falsify records of patients. The employees were given instructions to create false medical records related to cases of abuse of patients at the facility. The case may help place nursing home deaths and the abuse and neglect of patients under the limelight.

Nursing home deaths continue in Illinois

Most assume that patients admitted to nursing homes are at the end of their lives. However, many people are admitted to nursing homes due to short-term issues that need the care of skilled professionals for a time before they are able to return home. A recent article shows that there are still nursing home deaths occurring in Illinois from negligent workers, even in cases where patients and their family members take an active role in their care.

Ignoring substance abuse may lead to Illinois nursing home deaths

When most people think of residents that live in nursing homes, they often envision people at the end of their lives who need round-the-clock medical care and monitoring. However, there are some younger patients, such as those who lose a limb, who need a short-term convalescence and find themselves residing in a nursing home for care. In Illinois and around the country, there are some nursing home deaths which occur because of a general negligence of substance abuse care and counseling.

Questions arise when nursing home deaths involve firearms

When patients are admitted into nursing home care, there is an implied level of safety afforded to them. Though rare, nursing home deaths involving firearms do occur. Illinois readers may be interested in a recent story regarding a nursing home resident who committed suicide with a handgun while in residence.

Nursing home deaths continue to draw high settlements

In recent years, nursing homes have come under increased scrutiny. Nursing home deaths and the mistreatment of residents are now being prosecuted regularly. Those in Illinois concerned about their loved ones' treatment while in the care of a facility may be interested that a recent judgment affirmed a $320,000 award after the death of a resident.

Nursing home deaths prompt officials to impose sanctions

In the past few years, light has been shed on the number of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Illinois that are staffed with inadequately trained caregivers. Tragically, some large corporations that own long-term care facilities may choose to put profit in front of patient care. When this happens nursing home deaths and other accidents can occur.

Illinois car accidents: Man charged in fatal hit-and-run

A broadside collision can be one of the most devastating types of crashes for passengers. Though side curtain airbags have become standard on more and more vehicles, these types of car accidents usually claim the lives of one or more of the people involved. Recently, one such car accident in Illinois cost one woman her life and seriously injured another.

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