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Stan Lee was a victim of financial exploitation

If you are any kind of fan of superheroes, it is very likely that you know who Stan Lee was. If not, then you should know that he is a comic book legend. Mr. Lee was the creator of Marvel Comics. Prior to his death last year, he amassed a fortune estimated to be between $50 to $70 million. While it is common to believe that a celebrity with that kind of money would be far too protected to become a victim of financial exploitation or elder abuse, such was not the case.

For Stan Lee, an advisor by the name of Keya Morgan had worked his way into the inner circle, to the dismay of several family members and friends. Morgan began as the memorabilia manager for the legend. Throughout the course of that advisory relationship, various videos posted by Lee raised suspicions that something was not right. Not only did it appear he was under duress, but his physical and mental well-being were in question. During the course of the relationship, Morgan was arrested for filing a false police report. That arrest stemmed from an incident in which he called 911 after a social worker and LAPD detectives conducted a welfare check on Lee. The family also filed a restraining order against him after he chose to move Lee to a new location in Southern California where the family did not have access to him. He was also accused at that time of taking advantage of impaired hearing, vision, and judgment.

Though asked many times while he was still alive if he believed he was a victim of elder abuse, Mr. Lee adamantly denied such. After his death at age 95, the truth came to light and Keya Morgan was found to have embezzled millions. He was charged in California with multiple charges including theft, embezzlement, forgery and fraud against an elder, and false imprisonment of an elder. He was found to have stolen more than $262,000 from a single autograph session in May 2018, as well as embezzling artwork and other assets amounting to millions. Morgan attempted to flee the state charges, and was later arrested in Arizona.

No one, regardless of financial status, is above becoming victim to abuse. Where there is a gut feeling something is wrong, speak with someone who can help. An elder abuse attorney can assist in investigation of such suspicions, and provide expert guidance moving forward.