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Legal options after construction accidents

The Chicago area is one of the largest metropolitan sprawls in America, with millions of residents and commuters in the area on any given day. The result? A whole lot of construction, which may be an annoyance to some people but which is obviously necessary. New buildings, new roads, remodeling – all are necessary, for the most part. Unfortunately, this means that most days thousands of construction workers are in danger due to potential accidents that can occur on the job.

The worst-cases of construction accidents oftentimes make the local news, typically due to the incidents involving fatalities. However, each year thousands of construction workers suffer injuries on the job that may not make the news, but are serious issues for the individual workers who are involved. Falls from scaffolding or ladders, malfunctioning equipment, and electrical hazards are all dangers that construction workers could face on the job.

When construction workers in the Chicago area are injured on the job, they may have legal options beyond just filing for workers’ compensation. Although workers’ compensation is in place to protect many workers through the Chicago area and Illinois as a whole, sometimes this compensation isn’t enough. These workers may be able to pursue third-party lawsuits for a higher amount of compensation that can help cover damages that go unaddressed by workers’ compensation benefits.

At our law firm, we understand the danger that construction workers put themselves in each day. We do our best to attempt to make sure our clients understand their legal options when they are injured on the job. For more information, please visit the construction accidents overview section of our law firm’s website.