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Know the basics about nursing home abuse

There are thousands of people in the greater Chicago area who have elderly family members who reside in a nursing home. For the most part, these facilities provide their residents with the care they need, which can include help with everyday tasks or even continuous medical care. But, unfortunately, there are some people who work in nursing homes who do not act the way they should. Nursing home abuse and neglect is a real problem in the Chicago area and throughout the country.

Anyone who suspects that their family member may have been abused or neglected while residing in a nursing home needs to know the basics about the legal aspects of such an incident. For starters, the relationship between the nursing home staff and the resident creates a duty on the part of the staff members to care for the resident, as dictated in the agreement the resident will likely be party to when the resident first begins to reside at the nursing home. If the nursing home staff do not fulfill their duties and, as a result, the resident suffers harm, that may be grounds for a legal case.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to detect nursing home abuse or neglect. After all, nursing home residents are oftentimes in a fragile state and may not be able to communicate such instances of abuse or neglect. Family members of nursing home residents will need to be on the lookout for signs of neglect or abuse.

Evidence of abuse may include bruises or other injuries that are unexplained. Mental abuse could be a problem as well, which can lead to a change in the resident’s overall behavior – a sign of abuse. Evidence of neglect may include bedsores or the failure to give medication at proper times. There are many other signs of abuse or neglect, but if family members are on the lookout, they could save the nursing home resident from a bad situation.