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Multiple crashes occur at the same accident scene in Illinois

Car accidents involving multiple vehicles are not rare, but the collisions involved usually don’t occur at two separate times at the same accident scene. However, that was the case recently in Illinois as a bus, pedestrian, police vehicle and another vehicle were all impacted in a strange series of events on January 4.

According to the reports, the first part of the incident occurred in the very early morning hours when a city bus in East St. Louis struck a pedestrian. Law enforcement officials and other emergency responders came to the scene of this pedestrian accident, with the injured pedestrian being airlifted to St. Louis for medical treatment due to the severity of the man’s injuries. An investigation into how and why the bus collided with the pedestrian is ongoing.

After that, while emergency responders and police officers were addressing the pedestrian accident scene and directing traffic around the site of the crash, a suspected drunk driver in an SUV slammed into the back of a police officer’s vehicle. Fortunately, neither the suspected drunk driver nor anyone else at the accident scene was injured in the second collision. The suspected drunk driver, however, is now facing criminal charges.

Many car accidents may seem like sudden and random incidents. However, the fact of the matter is that most car accidents are probably preventable. Drivers need to pay attention to the task of safely operating the vehicle, while avoiding distractions and never getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming too much alcohol. As this recent incident shows, car accidents and pedestrian collisions can lead to serious injuries, as well as potential legal problems for the drivers involved as well.