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Lawsuit brought against Illinois nursing home after alleged abuse

Cases of nursing home abuse and neglect can be troubling and tragic. It is important for family members of victims to know how to protect their loved ones and how to protect themselves through the legal options available to them if their loved ones have suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect.

A recent case of nursing home abuse in a nearby Illinois community south of the Arlington Heights area highlights the harm that victims and families can suffer as a result of nursing home abuse. A lawsuit was recently filed on behalf of a 76-year-old resident of a local nursing home. According to the lawsuit, the victim was abused and humiliated by staff at the nursing home, who were also named in the lawsuit.

The victim of the asserted abuse had suffered a stroke and suffers from dementia. According to the lawsuit, the victim suffered taunting, mockery and sexual abuse at the hands of the nursing home staff. There is an alleged video of the abuse in the case. A wrongful death lawsuit was also brought against the nursing home several years ago following the fatal overdose of a patient. Loved ones placed in a nursing home facility can be vulnerable in a number of ways, which is why family members and loved ones will seek to keep them as safe as possible.

Personal injury legal resources are available to help victims with the physical, financial and emotional injuries associated with nursing home abuse and neglect, and to also assist families when a loved one has wrongfully died in the care of a nursing home. Whenever a loved one is placed in a nursing home facility, it is important to be familiar with the legal protections that are available.