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Dog bite laws in Illinois protects victims

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2018 | Dog Attacks

A dog attack can leave victims suffering from physical and emotional injuries and may also leave them with a stack of medical bills and an inability to work while they recover from their injuries. Fortunately, personal injury legal protections are available to help victims with the physical, financial and emotional damages suffered in a dog attack, but it helps to know what dog bite laws are.

Dog bite laws in Illinois protect victims. Because Illinois dog bite law is what is referred to as a “strict liability” law, it provides a high degree of protection for victims injured by another party’s dog. In Illinois, pet owners are strictly liable to victims for the harm their pets cause. This means that even if the owner was unaware that the dog had a propensity to bite, they are still liable if the dog attacks and injures or otherwise harms a victim.

Subject to limited exceptions, a pet owner in Illinois will be strictly liable to victims for their physical, financial and emotional injuries if their dog attacked and harmed the victim. Dog attacks can result in significant injuries that can leave lasting physical and emotional scars. A personal injury claim for damages brought by the victim of the dog attack can help with expenses like medical costs, as well as lost wages and the emotional toll a dog bite may take on the victim’s life.

Because a dog attack can be a traumatic event for the victim, it is important that they are familiar with the legal protections available to help them. The legal process stands ready to protect victims of dog attacks through the recovery process by providing them with important legal resources and remedies following a dog attack.