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Nursing home deaths: mother dies due to nurse’s error

The seemingly unnecessary death of a 52-year-old Illinois mother while in a nursing home once again places the focus on the standard of care patients are entitled to receive from care facilities.  When nursing home deaths occur due to the negligence of staff members, families may have the option for legal recourse. Fortunately, many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means financial constraints should not deter a family from exercising their right to sue in civil court.

The family of the deceased woman opted to file a wrongful death lawsuit. According to her family, she was in the nursing home to recuperate for a few weeks after a bout of pneumonia. The victim was a diabetic and suffered from kidney failure and needed time to recuperate.

When admitted to the facility, a patient has to indicate if he or she wants to be resuscitated by checking a block on a form, which the woman did. According to the lawsuit, she was found unresponsive at approximately 4 a.m. by a nurse, but even though three people entered and left her room in a half-hour period, no CPR was administered. It is alleged that a nurse did not read the patient’s chart properly.

In a statement made by the nursing home, a representative has indicated that the facility welcomes the opportunity to tell its side of the story. Should it be proven that the nurses involved acted negligently, the Illinois court may award financial damages to the family. A monetary judgment for the family may also help prevent other nursing home deaths by shining a light on the negligence claimed in this circumstance.

Source:, “Mother dies in nursing home after nurse reads chart wrong, family alleges“, Meghan Dwyer, April 14, 2017