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Nursing home abuse — approximately 5 million victims annually

The population in many countries across the world, including the United States, are aging. It is estimated that by 2030, 20 percent of the American population will be older than 64. People are living longer because of better living conditions, and medical care has turned the long-term care of elderly people into a booming business, but it has also created a group vulnerable to nursing home abuse.

Illinois families have various options to choose from when it comes to selecting care facilities for loved ones. These options vary from home health care and day care facilities to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Unfortunately, elderly people living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities may become victims of nursing home abuse. Sadly, statistics in the U.S. indicates that approximately five million elderly people are victims of neglect and mistreatment annually.

An important duty of caregivers and children is to be attentive to signs of abuse and neglect. The question then becomes – what happens when one notices something wrong? A good place to start is by consulting a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers often work on a contingency basis, which means no initial costs to the clients.   

Abuse, as defined by the Department of Health and Human Services, can be seen as any deliberate harmful actions causing injury, the unreasonable confinement of someone, and any punishing or intimidating actions that causes the victim to experience fear, pain or physical injury. If nursing home abuse or neglect is suspected, it should be reported to the relevant Illinois agencies, and legal steps should be taken. A consultation with a personal injury lawyer can assist the immediate family members to protect their vulnerable loved one from further maltreatment.  

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