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Nursing home deaths: Award made by jury a victory

Illinois nursing homes owe a certain standard of care to the people entrusted to them. When this standard of care is not met, the consequences are often tragic and may even result in death. A recent jury award in a civil lawsuit once again places the limelight on nursing home deaths and neglect.   

It is fortunate that families of victims of nursing home neglect have the recourse to consult with a personal injury lawyer, without any initial costs. In this recent case, the jury awarded the family $450,000 after two days of deliberation. The thankful family feels that the award indicates that someone has stood up for their father.    

During the five-day trial, it came to light that the deceased was blind and a diabetic, who needed dialysis. His big toe became infected. The infection turned into gangrene and led to the amputation of his leg. This, tragically, resulted in his death.

An expert witness for the plaintiffs testified that the nursing staff at the home did not provide the standard of care reasonably expected in such circumstances. The wound on the victim’s toe was only noticed when it started to emit an unpleasant odor. By then the size of the wound was substantial and had a black color. Lastly, the witness noted the delay in getting the victim to a hospital. The defense denied the allegations, but the jury still sided with the plaintiffs by awarding the exact amount requested.

Suspicious circumstances surrounding nursing home deaths remain a concern in Illinois and the rest of the country and requires action to be taken. If nursing home neglect is suspected, it can be reported and appropriate steps may be taken to ensure full accountability for any wrongdoing. Any person who suspects a facility is involved in negligent or unlawful activity may benefit from a consultation with an Illinois lawyer regarding the possibility of filing a wrongful death or personal injury claim.

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