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Nursing home deaths — 1 case leads to wrongful death claim

An Illinois court must decide the merits of a wrongful death claim filed by the executor of the estate of a deceased elderly gentleman after he apparently fell and suffered serious injuries, resulting in his death. Sadly, nursing home deaths occur across the United States as a result of insufficient and negligent care. Many of these cases, however, never end up in court, perhaps because the surviving families mistakenly believe the costs of litigation will be prohibitive.

The simple fact is that personal injury lawyers typically work on a contingency basis. This means that there are no initial costs for the clients. As a result, more of the negligent and sometimes abusive acts can be brought to light.

It is alleged that the man fell because the facility did not follow a proper care plan in order to reduce the risk of him falling. It is also claimed that the defendant nursing home provided inadequate assistance. The fall is said to have resulted in serious injuries and was a contributory factor to his death. The facility and some of the nurses employed by the facility are named in the claim, which seeks more than $50,000 in monetary damages.

If nursing home abuse or neglect is suspected, it can be reported and appropriate steps to ensure full accountability for any wrongdoing may be taken. Suspicious nursing home deaths are a concern in Illinois and the rest of the country. When such an incident occurs, a personal injury lawyer can evaluate the circumstances and provide guidance on the way ahead. 

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