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Nursing home abuse comes in many different forms

The elderly are often more vulnerable to the possibility of being harmed, physically and/or mentally. In some circumstances, placement in care facilities is considered. This is never an easy decision, particularly due to the prevalence of media reports about nursing home abuse and neglect.

The abuse elderly people may be exposed to can vary from the infliction of physical harm inflicted to financial exploitation. While suspicion may arise, uncertainty about what to do and/or financial constraints can result in the situation not being addressed. The fact that many Illinois personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis provides an avenue to make sure the abuse or exploitation is addressed appropriately.

Nursing home abuse can arise in a variety of circumstances, many of which leave signs that families and friends can watch out for. Physical abuse is not limited to the common forms known to most people. It can also result from over-medication, force-feeding or the excessive use of restraints. 

The elderly may also be exposed to is psychological abuse. It can include harassment, intimidation, verbal assaults, constant threats and insults or treating the elderly person as if he or she is a child. Emotional and physical abuse may also go hand in hand when the abuser is feared and the elderly person is too scared to speak out. Even the elderly are not safe from sexual abuse. Sexual abuse of the elderly, like all other forms of abuse, can take many forms, ranging from molestation and rape to unwanted touching and forced nudity.

Neglect, of course, is a primary cause of nursing home abuse. At its most basic level, it involves a failure to provide necessary care. Anybody suspecting the abuse of an elderly person by caregivers may benefit from consulting with an Illinois personal injury lawyer to obtain advice on the best course of action to take.

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