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Nursing home abuse and neglect alleged in wrongful death claim

The elderly population of the United States is one of the more vulnerable groups in society, and too often one reads about their maltreatment. Many families are torn as they have to decide whether to place an elderly loved one in care while fearing the possibility of nursing home abuse or neglect. Fortunately, the law provides families with the choice of filing civil claims for damages against a transgressing care facility. Many personal injury lawyers that handle these types of claims work on a contingency basis.

A wrongful death claim was recently filed against a care facility for allegedly not taking proper care of an elderly lady placed in its care. The claim was filed by the daughter of the deceased. It is alleged that the facility violated both the Illinois Wrongful Death Act and the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act. The facility and the caregivers involved are named in the claim.

The complainant alleges that the facility did not provide the needed care to the deceased. Due to the inappropriate treatment claimed, the deceased developed bedsores. She died of septicemia, a complication linked to the bedsores. It is also alleged that the facility failed to protect the patient from nursing home neglect and abuse.

Suspicious nursing home deaths are a concern in Illinois and the rest of the country, and cases such as this one are not uncommon. If nursing home abuse or neglect is suspected, it can be reported and appropriate steps to ensure full accountability for any wrongdoing may be taken. When such an incident occurs, a personal injury lawyer can evaluate the circumstances and provide guidance on the way ahead.

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