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March 2017 Archives

Nursing home deaths: Award made by jury a victory

Illinois nursing homes owe a certain standard of care to the people entrusted to them. When this standard of care is not met, the consequences are often tragic and may even result in death. A recent jury award in a civil lawsuit once again places the limelight on nursing home deaths and neglect.   

The loss of young lives in car accidents -- a tragedy

The recent loss of life of an Illinois high school senior in an accident has left many shocked and saddened. When young people die in car accidents, it seems more tragic. There is little doubt that those close to the victim may question the sense of it all while wondering where to turn.

Nursing home abuse and neglect alleged in wrongful death claim

The elderly population of the United States is one of the more vulnerable groups in society, and too often one reads about their maltreatment. Many families are torn as they have to decide whether to place an elderly loved one in care while fearing the possibility of nursing home abuse or neglect. Fortunately, the law provides families with the choice of filing civil claims for damages against a transgressing care facility. Many personal injury lawyers that handle these types of claims work on a contingency basis.

A variety of factors contribute to nursing home abuse

The fact that many Illinois personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis provides some form of relief for the concerned family and friends of elderly people who may be victims of abuse, as they have somewhere to turn for advice. Nursing home abuse and neglect is unfortunately a phenomena that has been on the increase in our society over the last few decades. In order to curb this kind of behavior, vigilance is needed.

Fatal car accidents -- tragic for those left behind

An Illinois car accident on a recent Friday afternoon resulted in the death of a 32-year-old mother and her 12-year-old daughter. Car accidents such as this one can devastate the lives of those left behind, particularly when multiple members of one family dies. There is little doubt that a difficult time requiring many decisions lie ahead for the surviving family members.

Nursing home deaths -- 1 case leads to wrongful death claim

An Illinois court must decide the merits of a wrongful death claim filed by the executor of the estate of a deceased elderly gentleman after he apparently fell and suffered serious injuries, resulting in his death. Sadly, nursing home deaths occur across the United States as a result of insufficient and negligent care. Many of these cases, however, never end up in court, perhaps because the surviving families mistakenly believe the costs of litigation will be prohibitive.

Nursing home abuse and neglect: infections should not kill

As one grows older, one becomes more vulnerable, both physically and mentally. Physical vulnerability makes one more susceptible to infections, requiring greater care to be taken to reduce risks. While elderly inhabitants of nursing homes are entitled to proper care and protection, all too often they contract infections, particularly sepsis, and suffer other maladies, often as a result of nursing home abuse or neglect.

Nursing home abuse comes in many different forms

The elderly are often more vulnerable to the possibility of being harmed, physically and/or mentally. In some circumstances, placement in care facilities is considered. This is never an easy decision, particularly due to the prevalence of media reports about nursing home abuse and neglect.

Car accidents - recklessness may lead to criminal charges

Reckless driving kills or maims and often results in a driver having to face charges and answer for his or her actions. Victims seriously injured in car accidents, or the legal estate of those killed, may choose to file a civil claim against a driver believed to have been at fault for monetary damages resulting from the accident. Many Illinois personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis in order to assist such victims and families without regard to one's financial position.

3 victims from 1 family -- tragic consequences of car accidents

An accident, described as the worst ever experienced by an Illinois police chief, tragically left two members of a family of five orphaned. Car accidents often have tragic consequences, but when one family loses three members in a single accident, it seems so much worse, as many are left devastated and perhaps destitute. Families left in dire straits after tragic accidents can take solace in the fact that legal avenues remain open to them, as many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis.  

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