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Bad weather equals increase in car accidents

The mid-December cold spell has resulted in Illinois drivers having to battle icy roads and hazardous driving conditions. The icy rain has caused very hazardous driving conditions, resulting in numerous car accidents leading to injuries and possibly fatalities. While the state’s Department of Transportation was doing all in its power to make the roads safer, a spokesperson for the department advised people not to travel if they do not have to do so.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. If travel is absolutely necessary, how does one stay safe on roads in such adverse weather conditions? One way to stay safe is to take it slow. According to the spokesperson from the department, it is important to plan in advance as trips should take longer. Drivers who think they can travel at the same speed in such adverse weather conditions as they do they do in fair weather may find themselves in trouble.

Victims seriously injured in an accident may be entitled to file a personal injury claim. Personal injury lawyers often work on a contingency basis. This typically means that a victim will not be required to pay initial costs. Those who may be hesitant to file a claim because they do not have the financial means to pay an attorney up front can reconsider their position.

Illinois families of fatally injured victims of car accidents may choose to file wrongful death claims on the same basis. Should the evidence of an accident prove that driver negligence was the root cause of it, a civil court may award damages to the aggrieved party.  A successfully litigated personal injury or wrongful death claim may assist in providing monetary relief to a victim and/or the victim’s family during a difficult time.

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