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January 2017 Archives

Car accidents: Can changes to Illinois law save lives

The start of a new year is traditionally seen as a time of change and new beginnings. In Illinois, this is literally true, as it means that some new legislation (or additions to older laws) become effective. One such a change to an older law which became effective on January 1 focuses on preventing car accidents resulting from motorists ignoring the dangers they may pose to emergency workers and stranded motorists.   

Nursing home deaths, abuse and neglect under the limelight

An Illinois nursing home has been sued by two social workers, both ex-employees, who are alleging that they lost their jobs because they refused to falsify records of patients. The employees were given instructions to create false medical records related to cases of abuse of patients at the facility. The case may help place nursing home deaths and the abuse and neglect of patients under the limelight.

Bad weather equals increase in car accidents

The mid-December cold spell has resulted in Illinois drivers having to battle icy roads and hazardous driving conditions. The icy rain has caused very hazardous driving conditions, resulting in numerous car accidents leading to injuries and possibly fatalities. While the state's Department of Transportation was doing all in its power to make the roads safer, a spokesperson for the department advised people not to travel if they do not have to do so.

Nursing home abuse -- statistics paints scary picture

Across the United States, including Illinois, more and more families are forced to place their elderly loved ones in care facilities and nursing homes, as they do not have the skills, nor the resources, to see to the needs posed by these individuals. When an elderly person is placed in a facility geared to the care of the elderly, the family and their elderly loved one place their trust in the staff employed by the facility. Unfortunately, when one considers the number of cases of nursing home abuse and neglect, it becomes apparent that the trust placed in facilities are not always honored.  

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