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Nursing home deaths continue in Illinois

Most assume that patients admitted to nursing homes are at the end of their lives. However, many people are admitted to nursing homes due to short-term issues that need the care of skilled professionals for a time before they are able to return home. A recent article shows that there are still nursing home deaths occurring in Illinois from negligent workers, even in cases where patients and their family members take an active role in their care.

In one instance, a 77-year-old male patient was admitted to a Springfield nursing home facility after being admitted for a broken leg. According to court records, the man was loaded into a van wheelchair lift which became stuck. The lift sprang upward and sent the man sprawling from the wheelchair onto the street. Despite the presence of his wife in the van, who repeatedly requested that the staff call 911, nursing home employees simply placed the man back into the wheelchair and returned him to his bed in the home. This was done without checking for neck or any other injuries.

Despite potential injuries, the man was not taken to a hospital for nearly an hour after the accident. Within three weeks, the man died from respiratory failure brought about by a broken neck. State and federal regulators have issued fines of almost $400,000 to the facility. This facility had also been the subject of numerous fines levied within the past several years for other residents’ accidents.

Those in Illinois who are facing similar nursing home deaths typically seek the advice of an attorney who is experienced in wrongful death litigation. Legal counsel could assist many surviving loved ones in determining the correct steps to take in cases of nursing home deaths. Reaching out to an attorney regarding these matters may not require clients to pay any up-front costs, as many work on a contingency basis.

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