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Illinois suspects in hit-and-run car accidents usually caught

Many drivers who hit another vehicle and decide to flee instead of face the consequences rarely escape justice in Illinois. This is especially true if car accidents occur on the highway, where cameras, witnesses and heavy police surveillance are present. It is not often that the perpetrator escapes the long arm of the law. A recent article describes the result of such a crash.

The accident was reported at 1:48 p.m., when a 60-year old woman was driving westbound on I-70. Her vehicle was struck in the rear, but the driver did not stop and continued along the highway. Thankfully, though the woman’s vehicle was damaged, she was only treated at the scene for minor injuries by paramedics and released.

A short time later, authorities were notified of a vehicle fire on I-70. Based on information dispatched to all state authorities in the area, it seemed that this could be the vehicle that had been involved in the previous crash. When a county sheriff’s deputy and an Illinois State Police trooper arrived at the scene of the fire, they also believed upon examination that the car could have been involved in the previous wreck. The responding officers then detained the woman and handed her over to the appropriate authorities in order to conduct appropriate toxicology tests. The results of these tests are pending, and information concerning possible criminal charges was being gathered for prosecutors in Vigo County.

Those in Illinois who have been involved with similar hit-and run car accidents may be able to file civil lawsuits against drivers believed responsible for causing the accident. Many unexpected expenses can quickly mount from this kind of accident, especially with regard to medical bills and vehicle repair costs or losses. Personal injury attorneys will be able to discuss various legal options available and can assist in pursuing recovery of the losses as quickly as possible.

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