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November 2016 Archives

Illinois suspects in hit-and-run car accidents usually caught

Many drivers who hit another vehicle and decide to flee instead of face the consequences rarely escape justice in Illinois. This is especially true if car accidents occur on the highway, where cameras, witnesses and heavy police surveillance are present. It is not often that the perpetrator escapes the long arm of the law. A recent article describes the result of such a crash.

Laws that can help guard against nursing home abuse

Due to the alarming prevalence of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation throughout the country, most states, including Illinois, have enacted laws and created programs to protect senior citizens. In many states, the abuse of an elderly person of any kind is considered a crime. In addition to potential criminal consequences, those convicted of nursing home abuse or any other abuse of an elder can often be held liable in civil cases.

Proving liability in car accidents

Motor vehicle accidents often result in significant expenses. These can include the money needed to repair or replace a vehicle, medical bills and other long-term health care costs and increased insurance premiums if a driver is found at fault. Illinois residents who have been involved in car accidents and do not believe they are at fault may be interested in some of the ways to determine and prove accident liability.

Family claims multiple care issues and nursing home abuse

As they age, many in Illinois will seek assistance from a reputable facility that can offer onsite care from medical practitioners. Those who reside in a nursing home or similar facility must inherently trust that their caretakers will be attentive to their medical and psychological needs. Unfortunately, a recent article describes how nursing home abuse has become systemic, perhaps due to the lack of required staffing.

Nursing home deaths continue in Illinois

Most assume that patients admitted to nursing homes are at the end of their lives. However, many people are admitted to nursing homes due to short-term issues that need the care of skilled professionals for a time before they are able to return home. A recent article shows that there are still nursing home deaths occurring in Illinois from negligent workers, even in cases where patients and their family members take an active role in their care.

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