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Tips to follow in the event of car accidents

While most significant and costly injuries occur after major car wrecks, even seemingly minor crashes can cause delayed issues for the parties involved. For example, even a minor hit on the head can cause a small but serious concussion and potentially result in significant trauma and even death in some cases. It is important for those in Illinois involved in even minor car accidents to follow some simple guidelines that can ensure they are protected and can seek damages if their injuries become significant.

While many steps are self-evident — such as remaining at the scene, calling the police and insurance, taking pictures and exchanging information — it never hurts to be reminded of their importance. These are the building blocks for any case. They may directly impact  any personal injury claim against the driver who caused the accident.

If injuries occur at the scene, or begin to manifest after the crash, another vital aspect is keeping track of medical treatment that the injured person receives. This can entail keeping a detailed account of any medical provider seen for treatment, the treatments and medications received, and copies of all medical bills and reports. If the victim feels that the injuries are impacting his or her daily life, and wishes to prove pain and suffering, it might also be good to note any missed workdays, or activities that are no longer viable and to keep notes on how the injury has affected the injured party’s daily and family life.

Finally, it can be vital for anyone seeking financial reparations for injuries caused by a wreck to avoid speaking with anyone about the accident other than his or her lawyer, insurance company or the police. It could greatly benefit those injured in Illinois car accidents to discuss their situations with an experienced personal injury attorney, and have an attorney involved in all ongoing discussions with third parties. An attorney can help ensure that a victim’s best interests are protected during this stressful and often painful time.

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