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October 2016 Archives

DUI car accidents involving illegal drugs continue to kill

The overprescribing of opiates in the past decade has led to what many call a medical epidemic in the United States. Because of recent crackdowns on pharmacies and "pill mills," many who are addicted to opiates turn to heroin in order to satisfy their addictions. Many recent Illinois car accidents demonstrate the devastating consequences of addicts driving while high on heroin and other illegal narcotics.

New federal protections will help prosecute nursing home abuse

In the past, those claiming that loved ones were mistreated, abused or died in nursing home care in Illinois were often required to resolve disputes via private arbitration, rather than in a court of law. This was due to clauses embedded in residents' contracts upon admission to nursing home facilities. Ultimately, critics believe that these former practices have allowed facilities for the elderly or infirm to hide nursing home abuse and quality of care issues from the general public.

Tips to follow in the event of car accidents

While most significant and costly injuries occur after major car wrecks, even seemingly minor crashes can cause delayed issues for the parties involved. For example, even a minor hit on the head can cause a small but serious concussion and potentially result in significant trauma and even death in some cases. It is important for those in Illinois involved in even minor car accidents to follow some simple guidelines that can ensure they are protected and can seek damages if their injuries become significant.

Rollover car accidents can often result in deadly consequences

When driving under the influence and at fast speeds on the highway, drivers often are not able to adequately adjust speed when making lane changes or exiting the roadway. When a sudden shift occurs, drivers are prone to over-correct their driving, which can make rollover car accidents likely at high speeds. Recently, a man from Texas caused a rollover crash on an Illinois highway, which resulted in the death of his passenger.

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