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Questions arise when nursing home deaths involve firearms

When patients are admitted into nursing home care, there is an implied level of safety afforded to them. Though rare, nursing home deaths involving firearms do occur. Illinois readers may be interested in a recent story regarding a nursing home resident who committed suicide with a handgun while in residence.

The incident occurred just after 10 p.m. on Friday, August 26. The 81-year-old resident killed himself with a handgun that was legally registered to him. According to the nursing home’s clinical team, someone had checked on the man just an hour before the incident occurred. A nurse who was supervising that evening heard a loud sound and, upon investigation, found the resident deceased with a firearm in his hand.

Authorities investigating the matter did not offer many details, but did indicate that the incident appeared to be a suicide. In addition to this investigation, law enforcement officials are also looking into the company that owns the home. The parent company has been subjected to many regulatory actions, and has received several hundred thousand dollars of fines due to substandard care and deaths at its facilities.

For many residents and their loved ones, the major concern is the fact that there was a gun located on the premises of the nursing home. Additionally, other concerns may stem from the nursing home deaths and other care issues brought forth in previous cases against the nursing home’s parent company. Those in Illinois facing similar situations may benefit from seeking the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney can assist in a family’s unique case evaluation, and determine the legal options available.

Source: The Boston Globe, “Salem nursing home resident shoots, kills himself“, Kay Lazar, Aug. 31, 2016