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Distracted driving continues to cause fatal car accidents

Throughout the country, the instances of wrecks caused by distracted driving seem to be escalating. Car accidents that are caused by distracted driving prove hard to prosecute, so many offenders in Illinois and other states are not held accountable. In a recent article, a teen ran through a red light, hitting the side of a car and fatally wounding a woman and her daughter.

The accident occurred just before 5:15 p.m. on Friday, August 23. The unnamed minor teen was traveling westbound in a sports sedan on U.S. Route 24 when he ran a red light. At that point, he struck a sedan in the middle of the vehicle. The driver of the sedan perished at the scene of the accident, while the 6-year-old girl strapped into a car seat in the rear of the vehicle was taken to the pediatric ICU at Saint Francis Medical Center. She tragically succumbed to her wounds after 9 p.m. that evening.

Those facing a similar tragic situation may not know where to turn to for assistance. Most attorneys who are experienced in personal injury or wrongful death litigation do not require any up-front money in order to evaluate a case. Many work on a contingency basis, which means that a person is not required to pay them until they receive a positive financial judgement from a civil trial.

The teen was charged with failure to yield to a red light at the time of the accident. Fluids were collected from him and are currently being processed. Additional charges may be assessed if they are merited after toxicology results are returned and if additional information is uncovered in the investigation.

Regardless of any additional criminal charges that are filed against the driver, the surviving family members of an Illinois victim who are facing similar car accidents could benefit from contacting an attorney who has experience in personal injury law. Many unexpected expenses can quickly mount from this kind of accident, especially with regard to medical bills, final expenses and ongoing care. Attorneys who focus on personal injury litigation will be able to discuss various legal options available to the family and victim, and can assist in pursuing recovery of losses as quickly as possible.

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