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September 2016 Archives

Ignoring substance abuse may lead to Illinois nursing home deaths

When most people think of residents that live in nursing homes, they often envision people at the end of their lives who need round-the-clock medical care and monitoring. However, there are some younger patients, such as those who lose a limb, who need a short-term convalescence and find themselves residing in a nursing home for care. In Illinois and around the country, there are some nursing home deaths which occur because of a general negligence of substance abuse care and counseling.

DUI car accidents continue to claim Illinois lives

Accidents that occur due to alcohol seem to be a tragic inevitability throughout the United States. In Illinois, arrests of drivers for drunk driving car accidents are plentiful, but there are some wrecks that continue to prove that having one too many alcoholic beverages before getting behind the wheel is not an innocent crime. Recently, a Springfield man killed the passenger riding in his vehicle when he left the road and drove straight into a tree.

Questions arise when nursing home deaths involve firearms

When patients are admitted into nursing home care, there is an implied level of safety afforded to them. Though rare, nursing home deaths involving firearms do occur. Illinois readers may be interested in a recent story regarding a nursing home resident who committed suicide with a handgun while in residence.

Distracted driving continues to cause fatal car accidents

Throughout the country, the instances of wrecks caused by distracted driving seem to be escalating. Car accidents that are caused by distracted driving prove hard to prosecute, so many offenders in Illinois and other states are not held accountable. In a recent article, a teen ran through a red light, hitting the side of a car and fatally wounding a woman and her daughter.

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