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August 2016 Archives

Nursing home deaths continue to draw high settlements

In recent years, nursing homes have come under increased scrutiny. Nursing home deaths and the mistreatment of residents are now being prosecuted regularly. Those in Illinois concerned about their loved ones' treatment while in the care of a facility may be interested that a recent judgment affirmed a $320,000 award after the death of a resident.

Nursing home abuse is an increasingly important topic nationally

While people typically view social media activity as a pastime for teens and young adults, a new and disturbing trend has recently developed. Though most would find this behavior craven, authorities have discovered that some caregivers of elderly patients in nursing homes take demeaning pictures of the residents and then post them onto websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Recently, the federal government vowed to crack down on this form of nursing home abuse, and readers in Illinois may be interested in learning what is being done to prevent it in the future.

Illinois car accidents result in deaths of two children

Major highways can be dangerous for average motorists, due to the presence of tractor-trailers and other large, commercial vehicles. When car accidents occur that involve semi trucks, they can result in disastrous consequences. A recent multi-car crash in Illinois involving a tractor-trailer cost the lives of two children and caused grievous harm to a third child.

Car accidents can produce additional charges after scene testing

In many cases, motor vehicle accident scenes are investigated and appropriate charges made within a fairly short period of time. However, some car accidents can become more complicated as the wreckage from the accident scene is further evaluated. An Illinois man who was charged for minor crimes is now wanted on much more serious charges after results from laboratories have become available to investigators.

Beware of forced arbitration clauses in nursing home abuse cases

Nursing homes and assisted living homes are an important part of society, as they are places where loved ones should be able to receive appropriate medical care without the strictures of hospitalization. In the past few years, facilities in Illinois have come under increased scrutiny due to nursing home abuse claims. One matter that has recently been examined is nursing homes' use of arbitration clauses that limit the ability of residents or their family members to pursue litigation in the event of harm.

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