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Nursing home deaths prompt officials to impose sanctions

In the past few years, light has been shed on the number of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Illinois that are staffed with inadequately trained caregivers. Tragically, some large corporations that own long-term care facilities may choose to put profit in front of patient care. When this happens nursing home deaths and other accidents can occur.

Recently, a nursing home in a northeastern state was ordered to cease accepting new patients after caregivers did not respond appropriately when one patient desperately required oxygen and another suffered a heart attack.  State health officials also threatened to terminate the nursing home from Medicare and Medicaid programs which are the entities largely responsible for paying the patients’ medical bills. In addition, the state has asked that the home be fined up to $10,000 per day until it meets compliance and patient safety is restored.

The nursing home in question is part of Synergy Health Centers of New Jersey, which owns 11 nursing homes in the state. The company has been sanctioned by regulators during the past years for safety violations and patient deaths in other facilities. In other cases, deaths and injury were attributed to medication errors, inadequate employee training and insufficient or nonexistent supplies.

Those facing a similar situation may not know where to turn to for assistance. Many attorneys who are experienced in wrongful death litigation do not require any upfront money in order to evaluate a case. Most work on a contingency basis, which typically means that a person is not required to pay expenses until they receive a positive financial judgment from a civil trial.

Those in Illinois who have been impacted by nursing home deaths or injuries may benefit in seeking the counsel of an attorney who is experienced in wrongful death litigation. Financial and emotional harm can be costly to an individual in these tragic situations. An attorney can best discuss the legal options available to seek reparation for long-term care negligence.  

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