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July 2016 Archives

Nursing home deaths prompt officials to impose sanctions

In the past few years, light has been shed on the number of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Illinois that are staffed with inadequately trained caregivers. Tragically, some large corporations that own long-term care facilities may choose to put profit in front of patient care. When this happens nursing home deaths and other accidents can occur.

Car accidents caused by drunk drivers often result in fatalities

Illinois roads can be hazardous for drivers who are traveling in the safest of vehicles, but motorcyclists can be faced with greater danger due to their exposure. Motorcyclists can be easy to miss by other drivers under even the most perfect weather and road conditions.  However, when car accidents occur due to intoxication, tragic results can often occur.

Car accidents: Accident leads to a fatality and a serious injury

Holiday weekends are generally filled with enjoyable gatherings that include friends, family and fun activities. In many cases, these events can also lead to an over-indulgence in alcohol, which, unfortunately, may result in an increased number of car accidents. Over the 4th of July weekend, an alcohol-involved crash caused multiple injuries and took the life of an Illinois woman.

20 percent of nursing home abuse cases may be caused by neighbors

While there has been increased attention to the quality of care provided to nursing home residents over the past few years, a recent study has uncovered evidence that a significant portion of abuse cases may not even involve caregivers. Instead, it appears that a significant portion of nursing home abuse that residents endure could be caused by their neighbors living with them in the facility. Illinois readers may be interested in the statistic that as much as 20 percent of cases are a result of resident-on-resident abuse.

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