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Surveillance footage depicts blatant nursing home abuse

Though many of those in U.S. nursing homes have families and/or loved ones that check on their condition and treatment, there are some who do not. Regardless, all patients in nursing home facilities still deserve the standard of care set forth in laws governing health care as it applies to disabled patients. There have been many appalling, disturbing stories of facilities in Illinois and across the country where patients have suffered nursing home abuse and neglect. Recently, footage obtained from a nursing home shows the heartbreaking treatment of one patient in its facility.

Prosecutors have indicted two nurses and one Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) for neglect of a disabled patient. The state’s Attorney General says that a video obtained from the facility shows the deficient treatment of a patient who fell in a hallway and suffered a wound to his head. The video depicts the man crawling on the floor and bleeding without receiving any help from visible caregivers.

For over ten minutes, no help was rendered. Finally, a CNA dragged the patient from the hallway back into his room. The video then shows the injured man crawling back out of his room approximately 25 minutes later with blood still coming from his head. Again, even with nurses present, help was not given to the patient until paramedics arrived 20 minutes later.

In this instance, the two nurses who failed to help the patient have been charged with a felony count of endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person. The CNA has already pleaded guilty to neglect. Those in Illinois who face similar acts of nursing home abuse and neglect could benefit in seeking advice from experienced medical malpractice attorneys. There are many legal channels available to fight this kind of cruelty, and an attorney can guide patients and families in the appropriate steps to take in order to fight this type of medical injustice.

Source:, “Two Charged with Neglect for Ignoring Disabled Far Rockaway Nursing Home Patient as He Lay Bleeding on the Floor“, June 2, 2016