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June 2016 Archives

Deadly car accidents continue to affect Illinois pedestrians

Wrecks that involve a car striking a pedestrian typically result in dire consequences. Drivers can be easily distracted by many things when on today's roads, and this has led to an increase in fatal car accidents when drivers come into contact with pedestrians or those biking along the road. A recent article describes the tragic result of a crash in Illinois.

Illinois car accidents: Man charged in fatal hit-and-run

A broadside collision can be one of the most devastating types of crashes for passengers. Though side curtain airbags have become standard on more and more vehicles, these types of car accidents usually claim the lives of one or more of the people involved. Recently, one such car accident in Illinois cost one woman her life and seriously injured another.

Surveillance footage depicts blatant nursing home abuse

Though many of those in U.S. nursing homes have families and/or loved ones that check on their condition and treatment, there are some who do not. Regardless, all patients in nursing home facilities still deserve the standard of care set forth in laws governing health care as it applies to disabled patients. There have been many appalling, disturbing stories of facilities in Illinois and across the country where patients have suffered nursing home abuse and neglect. Recently, footage obtained from a nursing home shows the heartbreaking treatment of one patient in its facility.

Drivers may face unexpected charges in car accidents

It is always tragic when a wreck results in a fatality. This is especially true when people are killed in car accidents in which one driver flees. There are many situations where a victim could be saved if someone immediately reported the accident and rendered aid. An Illinois man was recently indicted for two serious charges stemming from leaving the scene of an accident and aggravated reckless driving.

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