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Hit-and-run car accidents often involve drivers in legal strife

For most, it is difficult to understand the decision a driver makes to flee the scene of a serious car wreck without rendering aid to those who are hurt. Often, those involved in hit-and-run car accidents are either driving under the influence at the time or are facing probation or other legal problems due to past driving infractions. However, accidents that involve fatalities cause tremendous police response, vigorous investigation and often result in the alleged suspect’s capture. A recent related story describes an Illinois man who is currently facing felony charges after fleeing the scene of a deadly hit-and-run accident.

According to prosecutors at the driver’s arraignment, the man was allegedly driving a van northbound on a local road in Bridgeview when he hit a sedan carrying two elderly women. The suspect then appeared to douse his headlights and flee the scene without checking to see if the car’s occupants were injured. A witness to the accident described the alleged suspect to police, who then canvassed the area. They found a man who fit the description walking nearby and placed him in custody. It was determined that the man was currently on probation for a past driving offence and also had DUI convictions on his record.

Seeking legal advice could benefit those involved in similar accidents, even if a suspect has not been apprehended. Most attorneys whose practice focuses on personal injury work on a contingency basis. This means that clients are not responsible for up-front fees in order to have their case evaluated or even for it to be handled in court proceedings.

Tragically, one of the victims, who was 76 years old, passed away during transport to the hospital after the wreck. The man is now held on $500,000 bail and is awaiting his next court appearance. Victims and their loved ones may benefit from contacting legal counsel if faced with similar circumstances. Illinois attorneys experienced in personal injury law and claims resulting from serious car accidents could be a good first step when confronting such a tragic event.

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