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May 2016 Archives

Illinois chain reaction car accidents kill 2, injure 4

Fatal wrecks are always tragic, and those which leave a teenager critically injured and without parents are especially so. What is more difficult to handle is if the car accidents were caused by something easily preventable, such as distracted driving or driving while impaired. A recent article describes chain reaction car accident that resulted in the death of two parents and injured four additional people.

Huge award in lawsuit may help prevent other nursing home deaths

As they age, many people in Illinois will require assistance from a licensed facility that can help with daily personal tasks, provide programs to foster social interaction and offer onsite care from medical practitioners when needed. Anyone who resides in a nursing home or similar facility inherently trusts and hopes to be treated with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, many recent news stories have reported nursing home deaths and other injuries which are due to abuse and neglect at the hands of caretakers.

Hit-and-run car accidents often involve drivers in legal strife

For most, it is difficult to understand the decision a driver makes to flee the scene of a serious car wreck without rendering aid to those who are hurt. Often, those involved in hit-and-run car accidents are either driving under the influence at the time or are facing probation or other legal problems due to past driving infractions. However, accidents that involve fatalities cause tremendous police response, vigorous investigation and often result in the alleged suspect's capture. A recent related story describes an Illinois man who is currently facing felony charges after fleeing the scene of a deadly hit-and-run accident.

Illinois car accidents: Pulaski accident sends 3 to the hospital

Wrecks that occur on highways late at night or early in the morning can be more serious than day-time wrecks, as many are caused by fatigued drivers and involve high rates of speed and slower response times. Additionally, car accidents that involve vehicles bursting into flames usually result in fatalities. Miraculously, this was not the case for a driver who allegedly caused a recent Illinois crash.

Proposed Illinois law may help conceal nursing home abuse

Checks and balances are vital to every organization in the United States. The government, large corporations and small businesses all require some oversight in order to ensure the protection of citizens and consumers. Most want stringent regulations with regard to laws that protect people in nursing homes and assisted living care, especially as many stories have surfaced about nursing home abuse in the past several years. However, new Illinois legislation may make it difficult for those aware of abuse in this setting to come forward without disclosing their personal information.

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