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Considering a wrongful death suit? There’s no cause for guilt

It’s not unusual for people in Illinois to balk at the idea of pursuing a wrongful death claim. Grief alone may be so great that it’s difficult to think about anything but getting through the pain of the loss. But perhaps the biggest roadblocks come as a result of individual conscience. What will other people think? Is it right for me to use this horrible situation to seek monetary gain?

While such feelings are understandable, they deserve to be dispelled. Seeking compensation for a loved one’s death due to another’s negligence is not about the money. No amount could possibly provide adequate compensation. A better way of approaching the issue may be to consider how making a claim might serve to hold the responsible person or persons accountable. The financial elements might simply be about covering costs associated with the loss. This might be particularly true in cases of nursing home deaths.

Another reason people may shy away from even considering exploring their legal options stems from the misconception that they can’t afford it. The reality is that it costs nothing to speak with an attorney to assess your situation. If a decision to proceed with a claim is made, there’s no fee unless your case is resolved.

A loved one’s death resulting from someone else’s negligence is never easy to endure. Whether the loss is the result of a vehicle or work accident, a defective product or failure in the delivery of care by a medical professional, you deserve to know what your alternatives are.