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Considering Placing Your Loved One In A Nursing Home? Be Careful What You Sign!

If you are considering placing your loved one in a nursing home, you likely have a lot on your plate. A million questions run through your mind: Where should I place my loved one? How will they be treated? How is the food? Will the staff treat my loved one well? What kind of activities are offered?

The last thing you are concerned with as these other questions run through your mind is the legal jargon contained within the lengthy admission contract you are required to sign after you find what you think is the right nursing home for mom or dad.

As the rate of nursing home abuse and neglect rises in Illinois, more and more nursing homes are attempting to figure out ways to curtail litigation. As opposed to taking the common sense approach of hiring additional staff and providing better service, many nursing homes are opting to sneak arbitration agreements into the nursing home contract itself. Staff rarely explain to family that when you sign an arbitration agreement you are forfeiting your right to file a lawsuit if your loved one suffers from nursing home abuse or neglect. It is always important to remember to read the documents you are being asked to sign. If an arbitration agreement exists, understand that by signing it you are giving up some very important rights.

The attorneys at Rosenberg, Rosenberg, Eisenberg & Associates, LLC have been confronted with many cases where nursing homes attempt to block lawsuits by using these arbitration agreements. Fortunately for our clients, Rosenberg, Rosenberg, Eisenberg & Associates, LLC has been successful in invalidating a number of these agreements.

If your loved one was injured in a nursing home and you are being told that you cannot file a lawsuit because of an arbitration agreement, call one of the experienced nursing home lawyers at Rosenberg, Rosenberg, Eisenberg & Associates, LLC for a free consultation and to learn your rights under the law.