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Say Cheese! Video Cameras May Be Coming To A Nursing Home Near You

Say Cheese! Video cameras may be coming to a nursing home near you as early as January 1, 2016. With elder abuse and neglect on the rise, in 2015 Illinois passed a law for the use of cameras in nursing homes. Beginning in the New Year, families will have the opportunity to have recording devices installed in their loved ones nursing home room. Concerns over the cost of the program and privacy rights led legislators to force families to pay for the installation and use of the cameras, and also requires that residents with roommates obtain consent from the roommate before a camera can be used.

According to a CBS report, there were more than 100 documented incidents of abuse and neglect in Illinois nursing homes in 2014. That number is low compared to the estimated thousands of unreported incidents each year. Of major concern to proponents of the bill, is the self-pay section. This is because a majority of the reported and unreported nursing home abuse and neglect occurs in low income neighborhoods. These are residents who may not have the financial means to have a camera installed.

Still, if you are concerned about your loved one in a nursing home, starting in 2016, you will have the right to have a camera installed. If you are concerned that your loved one has already been abused or neglected, or fear that it may happen soon, call one of the experienced attorneys at Rosenberg, Rosenberg, Eisenberg & Associates, LLC to learn about your rights under the law. Consultations are always free.