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Profit over People: The Problem with the Nursing Home Industry

Tragically, inadequate care has become an accepted reality for the more than one million people living in nursing homes across the country. The lay person thinking of a nursing home typically thinks about it in a similar manner as they would a hospital. Unfortunately, as more corporations enter the skilled nursing industry with a primary motive of maximizing profits from each patient, the end result can mean significant injuries or even fatalities to those they are entrusted to care for.

The problem is easily seen to those in the industry. The difficult part is finding a solution. As long as nursing homes are run by large corporations with an eye on profit over people, things will continue to deteriorate for residents. The nursing home lawyers at Rosenberg, Eisenberg & Associates believe that the solution lies in holding nursing homes accountable for the abuse and neglect of your loved ones. Illinois has passed a number of laws in an attempt to thwart the rampant abuse and neglect in nursing homes, but those laws all require that the abuse or neglect first be reported.

For every one claim of nursing home abuse or neglect that does get reported, many do not. This is what the corporations count on. The more claims of abuse and neglect that go unreported the higher the corporate profits will be. If enough people bring claims, whether big or small, it will make it more profitable for nursing homes to take better care of their residents to avoid claims.

Signs of abuse and neglect in nursing homes may be:

  • Pressure sores
  • Weight loss
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Unexplained bruises or fractures
  • Medication errors
  • Repeated hospitalization
  • Sudden death
  • Patients who have wandered from the facility