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How political parties have looked at medical malpractice

Different political parties have opposing viewpoints on many issues, including medical malpractice. Since the politicians are the ones who make the rules regarding how these cases can work, it’s important to note how differently they may look at them and how this can change the process.

For example, leaders in the Republican party have asked at times to put in a cap on the damages. A cap simply means that, no matter what a jury awards, only so much can be given out in a medical malpractice case. Not all caps are the same, though most focus on things like pain and suffering, rather than the direct cost of medical bills, which may not be capped.

At the same time, the leaders in the Democratic party have often looked to limit the amount of mistakes and medical errors that physicians make, thereby reducing the amount paid out by reducing the number of claims. This was the plan that Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama supported back when they were both senators, back before Obama had risen to the office of president.

As you can see, both parties are trying to reduce the cost, but they are coming at it from very different positions. It could even be argued that the end goal is not the same at all, unless one looks strictly at the monetary side of things.

The stances that different parties take are also important for Illinois residents to note because the laws and regulations can change over time, and you must stay abreast of these changes to know what legal options you have.

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