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Examples of medication errors in Illinois

You go to the doctor or the hospital in Illinois expecting help and professional medical assistance. You trust them to take care of you and help you overcome any ailments. What if, instead of doing that, the medical professionals do more harm than good? One common way that this happens is due to mistakes with medications.

While medication errors can come in many forms, one of the main ones is in simply giving out the wrong medication. You could be given pills that are not even meant to treat the illness or ailment that you are suffering from, that will do no good and give you adverse side effects at the same time. You could also get a medication that you are allergic to, even if it is listed on your records, if the doctor fails to notice your allergy.

For most people, mistakes like this are impossible to avoid since they have no training or knowledge of medications. You simply have to hope that the doctor is doing the right thing.

If you do get the wrong medication, though, it can cause you a lot of discomfort and delay the healing process. If you get a medication that you are allergic to, you could even pass away. On top of that, too high of a dose can be deadly, even when it’s the right medicine.

Remember, this is about more than just you. If you take a loved one — a spouse, a child or another relative — to the hospital, they could face these same problems. You need to know what to do to pursue legal action if you believe it is warranted. To learn more, we invite you to take a look at our comprehensive page on medical malpractice.