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Alleged drunk driver hits Illinois State Police car

A state trooper for District 7 was driving through Illinois, doing a routine prisoner transfer, when his official police squad car was hit by another vehicle at an intersection. After the accident, the police determined that the driver of that other vehicle was under the influence of alcohol, and he was arrested on those charges.

The crash happened early in the morning, at about 12:30 a.m. It was in Rock Island, at the intersection where 24th Street and 4th Avenue come together. The police car was going down 4th Avenue, heading west, and apparently had the green light on its side. The other driver came down 24th Street and then ran the red light, slamming into the side of the squad car.

The prisoner in the car was injured, as was the officer. Both were then taken to Trinity Rock Island, where they were treated and released. The injuries are not said to be serious.

There were three passengers in the offending car, along with the driver. All of them suffered injuries, and they were also taken over to Trinity Rock Island. After that treatment, the police took the driver into custody.

To create an official report of the accident, the Illinois State Police Traffic Crash Reconstruction Unit was called to the scene.

While this case only resulted in minor injuries, a drunk driver can be a very real threat in Chicago, Illinois, and being hit by one could lead to serious injuries and even death. If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in such an accident, you may want to look at all of your legal options.

Source: Quad City Times, “Driver strikes Illinois State trooper squad, arrested for DUI,” Linda Cook, April. 27, 2015