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Why do people neglect to start medical malpractice claims?

People in Illinois do not always start medical malpractice claims when they should. In some cases, of course, this could be because they simply do not yet know that anything is wrong; they may think that excess pain they are feeling is just part of the normal recovery process and not because the doctor made a mistake. In cases where people do know that mistakes were made, though, why would they choose not to seek compensation?

One of the top reasons is that they fear that the overall cost of their medical care is going to go up, as if the hospital will raise the costs to offset the lawsuit. This is not going to happen, as such a thing would be illegal. People may also be afraid that their insurance costs will go up if they start a lawsuit, though this will not happen either.

Another reason is that people are afraid that doctors may not want to treat them in the future. If they have a bad experience with one doctor, they don’t want to be refused treatment 10 years later when a different ailment sends them to an entirely different doctor — and then that doctor looks up their file.

The reality, though, is that legitimate claims are not going to have this type of backlash. It is your right to seek compensation from a doctor who made a mistake, and other doctors, who are more careful and who do a better job, have nothing to fear.

If you have been harmed due to negligence and poor care, make sure that you know what rights you may have to compensation.

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