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Semi and pickup collide in Illinois, driver airlifted

A man in Geneseo, Illinois, had to be airlifted to get medical treatment after he was seriously injured in a car accident. The accident happened near Black Hill Road, out to the north of the city. That road is also commonly referred to as County Highway 1. The crash took place at the intersection where Black Hill Road connects with Illinois Route 92.

It appears that a semi-truck was heading down Illinois Route 92, going west, and the pickup was at Black Hill Road, trying to turn left onto 92. The semi then slammed into the front of that pickup as it turned, striking the driver’s side. Photos from the scene show the red truck with the hood crumpled up into the air and the front end smashed in.

While the driver of the pickup was hurt, the man driving the semi-truck did not suffer from any injuries.

The fire department and other emergency personnel responded to the crash, and they did have to keep one lane closed for a short time. They were able to get it opened back up to traffic relatively quickly. The reports from the scene came from the Geneseo fire chief.

At this time, the reports did not indicate if the semi driver was at fault or if the driver of the pickup truck caused the wreck. However, pictures do show that there are stop signs on one road, while there do not appear to be signs on the other.

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Source: WQAD, “Driver airlifted after crash on Illinois Route 92 north of Geneseo,” Katrina Lamansky, March. 26, 2015