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Being a police officer could be getting safer in Illinois

Everyone knows that being a police officer comes with certain risks and dangers, and that’s never going to change. It’s the nature of the job. However, stats from 2013 indicate that being a law officer could actually be getting safer in Illinois and across the United States.

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, just 111 officers lost their lives on the job during the year. That’s not just for Illinois, but for all parts of the United States. If that still sounds high, consider that the last time a smaller number of deaths was seen was in 1959.

While gun deaths often grab the headlines, the report also showed that fewer officers were killed with firearms. The total number of firearm deaths was just 33, and three of those came in a single shooting rampage in California.

You have to go much farther back than 1959 to find the last time under 33 officers were shot and killed; in fact, you have to go all the way to 1887. Think about the difference in the country back then: In 1887, the United States had the vast frontier that was known as the Wild West for a reason. Even though there are millions upon millions more people in the population today than there were in 1887, the numbers were down in 2013.

It’s important to know about job safety trends and work-related deaths, keeping in mind that some people are going to pass away on the job no matter how safe things get. If you have lost a loved one in any work environment, be sure that you know your rights.

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