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Dangers other than falls in the Illinois construction industry

Often, falls get the credit for being the way that most workers in the construction industry are hurt or killed on the job. While this is true in Illinois — and all across the United States, for that matter — it’s important for workers to remember that there are other dangers, as well. Namely, malfunctioning equipment can be very dangerous.

For example, just take a recent story coming out of Wilmington, in which a worker passed away. The man was working near the rafters of a building, using a lift platform with an extendable arm to reach that height. While he was on the platform, the lift kicked into gear for reasons that are so far unknown. The arm pushed upward, crushing the man between the lift and the rafter. He was pinned in that position until other workers could get him down, but it was too late for them to save him.

As of now, the reason why this happened remains unclear. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, is looking into it. There are many possible explanations, from a defective piece of machinery to negligence in maintaining the equipment on the part of the employer to a mistake made by the worker himself.

What is most important for workers and their families to note, though, is that there are many dangers in a workplace that can lead to death, and they may have the right to financial compensation when this happens. If you have lost a loved one, make sure that you are absolutely sure what rights you have and what steps to take.

Source: Equipment World, “Worker killed after lift pins him to roof beam in Illinois” Wayne Grayson, Feb. 04, 2015