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Who has the most risk in a fatal drunk driving accident?

When analyzing statistics taken from drunk driving accidents, you can see which groups tend to have the most risk in these crashes. Of course, whether you are in the following groups or not, you must make sure that you know your rights to compensation in Illinois if you were injured or if you lost a loved one. Still, it can still be interesting to see what the numbers tell you.

For one thing, young drivers are at more of a risk than older drivers. This is true for every blood alcohol concentration level. A full third of all drivers in fatal crashes were between 21 years old and 24 years old in 2012. Twenty-seven percent were from 25 years old to 34 years old, and 24 percent were between the ages of 35 and 44.

It is also worth noting that a high percentage of motorcycle accidents have been linked to drunk driving. A total of 29 percent of the motorcycle riders who died in these accidents — just under a third of the whole — were technically impaired due to BAC levels that were at least 0.08 percent

However, for motorcyclists, the ages are a bit different. The group impacted the most was those between the ages of 40 and 44. It was found that almost half — 44 percent — of those drivers were under the influence of alcohol.

Finally, repeat offenders were found to be common. The data shows that, if someone was involved in a deadly crash while under the influence, he or she was seven times as likely to be a repeat offender — meaning that a DWI had been given out previously — than a driver who had not consumed alcohol.

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