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Semi truck accidents kill as many as weekly jet crashes

Some people feel that it is surprising that the public has not been more vocal about the amount of death caused by semi truck accidents, seeing as how they take approximately 4,000 lives every year. In fact, to put that in perspective, it’s the same as if there were weekly mid-range commuter jet crashes every week, all year long, and if everyone on those jets was killed.

When you see the public outcry after a single plane crash, you can see why it is surprising why more people are not talking about truck accidents. If that many commuter jets were going down every year, people would be horribly afraid to fly, but they still take to the roads and interstates, against the same statistics.

On top of that, around 100,000 more people suffer from injuries each year, though they survive the accidents.

In many of these accidents, there is nothing that drivers can do. One woman was driving with her children in a minivan, and they had to stop behind a flatbed truck when the traffic around them stopped. However, another semi came up behind them, failed to stop, and slammed into them, smashing the van between both trucks. The van then caught on fire. The woman and her children were killed in a wreck that was largely unavoidable.

Furthermore, when looking at the stats for roughly the last five years — since 2009 — it can be seen that truck accidents are only getting to be more and more common.

The odds of being hurt in a truck accident in Illinois may be higher than you think, so you must know your legal options.

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