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A government investigation into texting and driving

The United States government is taking texting and driving seriously, to the point that it has set up an official site to combat the problem. This site, known as, has links to news-related stories on distracted driving, links for those who want to take action and much more. One interesting piece of information that was put up was the results of an investigation into texting and driving.

For this investigation, young people were polled and asked if they had ever read a text message while behind the wheel after receiving it from a friend or family member. The survey then asked them if they had taken things a step further and written out and sent a text message to another number.

The results were actually pretty close, though they were slightly skewed toward reading, as you might expect. A full 78 percent of those polled had read their text messages, but just 71 percent had gone all the way to sending their own.

Teens and young adults were both included in this study.

Whenever people take their eyes off of the road, it can be potentially hazardous because of how much ground a vehicle can cover in just seconds. Whether they are reading a message or typing it out, a young driver could fail to see a hazard in the road, drift over the center line, get too close to the next car ahead of them or fail to stop at a light.

Have you been injured in an accident where the other driver was sending or reading text messages? If so, be sure that you know what rights you may have to compensation in Illinois.

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