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What industries see high amounts of heat fatalities in Illinois?

One campaign that the Occupational Safety & Health Administration has been working on is concerned with documenting heat fatalities. In order to do this, comprehensive statistics are kept for every on-the-job death that is thought to be a heat-related death, and then an investigation is done to see what role — if any — heat played in the incident.

The stats do show that these fatalities can happen in many different industries. Some prime examples include the following:

— Sanitary services– Landscaping services– Building contractors– Concrete contractors– Farming– The United States Postal Service– Electrical contractors– Trucking– Waste collection

For each case, OSHA gives a very simple description of what happened. For example, a landscaper who passed away was working through his very first day of work at a new job. He was using a machine to cut weeds.

In another case, involving the United States Postal Service, the mail carrier had a bag that held about 35 pounds of mail. He was doing his route, and he had been on it for around five hours when reports indicate that he collapsed. In that case, the National Weather Service had put out a heat advisory.

Of course, as with any work-related death, many different factors could have been in play at the same time, and the investigation is done as a way of determining the main reasons for the death. It is important for the family members of those who have died to pay attention to these investigations so that they can explore their legal options in Chicago.

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