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Falls remain a common cause of workplace injuries in Illinois

Falls are often cited as one of the most common reasons why workers are injured in Illinois and elsewhere, and a look at recent reports shows that this remains true. For example, the reports from 2009 indicate that as many as 212,760 workers fell and suffered from serious injuries as a result. In the same year, a full 605 workers died as a result of injuries suffered in falls.

These stats, as staggering as they are, do not take into account workers who may have fallen and managed to get through the incident without serious injuries, since these falls often go unreported.

So, where are falls most common? If you’re looking at non-fatal situations, the highest numbers are in two different industries: health services and retail or wholesale. Accidents could simply happen when a worker slips while climbing a ladder, for example.

When looking at atal falls, however, the majority occur in the construction industry. While these falls could also be from ladders and other such devices, some falls could be much further — such as a fall involving a worker who is using a faulty harness while working on a roof — due to the nature of the industry.

Most employers do take steps to ensure that falls do not occur, such as giving out the proper gear or spending time on training and safety procedures, but the stats alone say that falls are not going to stop any time soon. They are still very common reasons for both fatal and non-fatal incidents. If you have been injured in a fall, or if a loved one has been killed, make sure that you know what rights you have to compensation.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Fall Injuries Prevention in the Workplace” Oct. 22, 2014